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Website Refreshers

We are now offering website refreshers to bring your customer-facing presence on the web up-to date. For a fixed fee, we will set you up with a custom-designed WordPress template (a content management system), which offers sleek, modern designs, responsiveness between devices, and a straightforward content editor in the background so you can always keep your special offers and information up to date without having to re-upload entire pages. Fonts, colours and layouts can all be changed to suit your company image. In addition, there are tens of thousands of plugins which offer everything from sign-up forms to product catalogues. In fact, we like WordPress so much, our own site was designed with it!

For our existing customers, the benefits are twofold; not only do you get a modern-looking, responsive website, but WordPress also integrates with our Availability Search, allowing us to use this lovely new sidebar which can show on all your pages:

For more information on WordPress and its many benefits, click here.

This offer is extended to both new and existing customers, so if you feel that your website could do with some sprucing up, don’t hesitate to contact us!