Balance Reminders

Balance Reminders are an excellent way of managing your bookings. They can be set up to be delivered to your customers before their holiday starts, ensuring that they are paid up and good to go! All of this is automatic, which frees up valuable time for you and saves you checking and chasing customers before their trip.

With no paper trail, Balance Reminders are sent via email, straight into your customers’ inbox. Balance Reminders are not just gentle prompts for payment, but are also fantastic ways of getting your customers excited for their holiday.

Holray allows you to customise templates on your system, meaning you can personalise your reminders however you wish. Customers appreciate a personal touch, so this is your opportunity to create a positive, organised and simple template which gets the job done.

This is why we recommend having an online payment option on your website. Not only does this mean that the customer can pay quickly and easily with no fuss, but by directing them to your website to pay means they also have access to valuable information about their holiday.

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