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We’ve been doing a lot of work on data security and preparing us and our software for GDPR.
Simon recently spoke to the local press about this,
Holray in the EDP
We’re looking at getting some training in during the year so that we can help you with your preparations for GDPR, so if you have any questions, give either Simon or Rachel a shout.

Eastwood Whelpton – Go live

Eastwood Whelpton, a family-run, sailing holiday specialist since 1959 located in the heart Norfolk Broads’ best sailing waters are now live with Holray.
We wish Andy and Annie Hamilton every success in the future and look forward to working with them.
We’ve worked with their web developer to create a custom availability search using our backend API services.

First HUG a success

After a few late nights and not too little worrying our inaugural HUG (Holray User Group) at the Bond Company in Birmingham went off without a hitch. It was great to see so many people there and whilst the afternoon session on new features, especially the “Plans for pricing” epic, was a long haul I don’t think anyone went to sleep.

Thanks to Tim Ford for his presentation on WiFi on boats, it looks like a great solution and I think generated a lot of interest.

As always we completely failed to take any photographs, which I’m sure all the delegates will be thrilled about (so here is a photo of some of our badges!)

imageI definitely think we’ll do another one, but perhaps bi-annually to give us time to deliver some of the things we promised we would.

Once again a big thanks to everybody that attended, the slides should be available soon, if you’ve not yet seen them then drop us an email.

Simon & Rachel



Inaugural Holray User Group

It’s our first HUG!

After a lot of planning and some false starts, it’s finally here. Wednesday the 18th November 2015 sees the inaugural Holray User Group meeting at the Bond Company in Birmingham.

We’re hoping it will be an entertaining event or at least not too boring, we’re providing cakes, coffee and lunch and Simon’s only speaking for most of the day so there will be some respite from him over lunch time.

The morning session will cover general features and how tos for the system with a brief foray into exporting customer data for analysis in Excel.

There’s a guest speaker coming to give a brief presentation on mobile internet and avoiding big data charges.

The afternoon session will be covering new features, including:-

  • Enhanced pricing including price versioning and the ability to specify a publish date for pricing so you can set your late availability discounts well in advance.
  • New web services – build your own checkout pages.
  • Customer area – View booking history, edit existing bookings, loyalty discounts, pay balances.
  • Variable profiles on units – Change from weekly and short break only in the off weeks to weeks only in the peak weeks.
  • Drag ‘n’ drop transfers – No more keypreses – pick them up on the chart drop them where you want ’em.
  • Updated session management and remote access control.

and there will be plenty of opportunity for clients to put forward proposals of features they’d like to see. We look forward to seeing you all there, and if we’re not seeing you this year we hope to see you next.


Website Refreshers

We are now offering website refreshers to bring your customer-facing presence on the web up-to date. For a fixed fee, we will set you up with a custom-designed WordPress template (a content management system), which offers sleek, modern designs, responsiveness between devices, and a straightforward content editor in the background so you can always keep your special offers and information up to date without having to re-upload entire pages. Fonts, colours and layouts can all be changed to suit your company image. In addition, there are tens of thousands of plugins which offer everything from sign-up forms to product catalogues. In fact, we like WordPress so much, our own site was designed with it!

For our existing customers, the benefits are twofold; not only do you get a modern-looking, responsive website, but WordPress also integrates with our Availability Search, allowing us to use this lovely new sidebar which can show on all your pages:

For more information on WordPress and its many benefits, click here.

This offer is extended to both new and existing customers, so if you feel that your website could do with some sprucing up, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Environmental report available for download.

At the end of last year as part of some on-going development we commissioned a report on the environmental impact of UK holidays compared with holidays abroad – “staycation” vs vacation. This work was carried out by Dr Simon Gerrard, a guest speaker at this year’s BMF Conference. We’ve also done some preliminary work on providing Mileage and basic CO2 usage for holidays in the system and we’re hoping to develop this further in the future.

If you would like a copy of the report then you’ll need to register on the web site and we’ll send you a download link.

New Summary “splash” screen

We’ve just released a new Summary screen to give an overview of where you’re at when you log in. It’s not available under the normal menu options, only as a default Start page, see our post on User definable screens. It’s early days and just gives a quick view of the system, we’ll be adding more features as we think of them. SummarySplash

New user definable start screens implemented

As part of a move to get more settings back into user control we’ve added a new option to let users select their own start page.

This is settable under System->Maintain Users and you can choose from:-

  • Chart View
  • Availabilty Search
  • Maintain Bookings

or the new Summary Screen – see next post.

This feature is only available in V3 and will be rolled out to all v3 installations over the next couple of weeks.


New website is live

The new website is live.

Thanks to Chris for all his efforts on this, we think it looks great.

Thanks also to our band of testers:-

  • Siray
  • Alex
  • Steve
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