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New Summary “splash” screen

We’ve just released a new Summary screen to give an overview of where you’re at when you log in. It’s not available under the normal menu options, only as a default Start page, see our post on User definable screens. It’s early days and just gives a quick view of the system, we’ll be adding more features as we think of them. SummarySplash

New user definable start screens implemented

As part of a move to get more settings back into user control we’ve added a new option to let users select their own start page.

This is settable under System->Maintain Users and you can choose from:-

  • Chart View
  • Availabilty Search
  • Maintain Bookings

or the new Summary Screen – see next post.

This feature is only available in V3 and will be rolled out to all v3 installations over the next couple of weeks.


New website is live

The new website is live.

Thanks to Chris for all his efforts on this, we think it looks great.

Thanks also to our band of testers:-

  • Siray
  • Alex
  • Steve