Frequently asked questions

Got questions about Holray and how it works? Take a look at frequently asked questions below.


No. If you’re reading this on your office computer, you already have everything you need to run our system. Holray is browser based, which means it can be accessed from anywhere with a browser and an internet connection.

Due to the browser based nature of Holray, you can access it from any computer with an internet connection without having to install lots of complicated software. You can even access the system from your phone or tablet.

We may ask for further security details if you’re accessing the system from a new location. This is because we take security extremely seriously and want to ensure that only you and your representatives have access to the information.

No. The charges for Holray are based on the number of units you are operating, not the number of people using the system. You can have as many users as you like using the system from as many locations as you need at no extra charge.

Yes. We allow an unlimited number of users for every account so it’s easy for you to give access to your agents. They can log in directly to set up bookings, but can only see details of their bookings. The bookings you take yourself remain private. If you use Waterways Holidays or Bluewater Holidays we can automatically update their system to keep you synchronised.

If you use Hoseasons, you can integrate with their system directly. You will have full access to availability and booking information through their P@rtners system which in turn can update your system.

It is impossible to double book. The moment you begin to make a booking, the unit is locked for that period. It will remain locked until you cancel the booking.