Online Booking System

Who are you?

The Holray Booking System is the flexible management solution for any holiday business. We cater for boat yards, holiday parks and cottages, from a single unit to hundreds across multiple sites. But no matter the size of your business, you will be getting robust online booking software that is designed to minimise administration and maximise occupancy.

Our team have worked hard to develop a simple, easy to use web-based booking software with a focus on security and continuous enhancement.

Your customers will benefit from the clear layout: searching availability, navigating through prices, and booking with ease. Afterwards the system can automatically dispatch your customised confirmation emails, sending a copy to you for evaluation. Then there is the reports functionality, which can generate reports on everything from occupancy to outstanding balances to income per unit, efficiently streamlining your financial management.

Our software runs in the cloud so does not require specialist hardware, downloads or installation, and you do not need to be an IT expert to use it. All you need is a PC or Mac and internet access.

In 2013 19% of our customers’ bookings were taken online and 74% of those bookings were taken out of hours.

Can you afford not to be taking bookings online?