Availability Calendar and Bookings

Menu - Bookings

Under the bookings tab you will find the heart of the system – the availability calendar. Here you can maintain existing bookings or create new ones.

Bookings right click

Right click on a booking to view details at a glance. Left click to open the booking. Purple bookings are made by your business, red bookings are agent bookings, orange outlined bookings are provisional (colours can be changed to your preference in system settings).


Bookings drop down

The drop down menus allow you to filter bookings by duration, month, party size and pet allowance. Alternatively, enter a booking ID in the search bar to jump straight to that booking.


Bookings hover

Hover over an available start date to view pricing details. Left click to book.


Bookings ok to book

Clicking ‘Ok’ will create the booking and take you to the booking screen.


Bookings save booking

Here you can record every detail of the booking. You can create a new customer by entering their details in the fields provided or, if the customer already exists, enter their reference number and the information will automatically be populated.


The Add Extras/Discounts button enables you to add additional charges or apply manual discounts (hampers, towels, previous guest discount etc.).


Bookings detail

The detail tab allows you to see the elements which make up the booking.


Bookings add note

Under the Notes tab you can record any extra information against the booking (disability, payment arrangements etc.) with a manual note. Alternatively, you can save pre-written notes under System Settings, which will then be selectable in this tab.


Bookings activity

You can review any modifications to the booking under the Activity tab.


Bookings booking history

Any previous bookings the customer has made will be displayed here.


Bookings payment tab

Once a booking is made, payments can be recorded against it under the Payments tab.