Customer Management

Menu - Customers

Whenever a booking is taken the customer details are stored within the system to create a customer profile with a unique ID. You can maintain these profiles here. You can also create lists of customers with specific criteria for targeted marketing. If you have existing customer data you can import it easily from an Excel spreadsheet.

Customers - maintain customers

Under Maintain Customers you can view the details of every one of your customers. A new customer is automatically created every time you make a booking, but it is also possible to manually create a customer here.


Customers - drop down search

You can search your customers by several different criteria using the drop down menu. Click on the customer to open their profile.


Customers - new customer

All customer details are stored in their profile.


Customers - activity tab

Any changes made to the profile appear under the Activity tab.


Customers - lists tab

Any lists you have created will be viewable under the Lists tab, to which you can then subscribe customers.


Customers - notes tab

Any notes added using the  ‘Add Note’ button will then appear under the Notes tab.


Customers - booking history tab

Any previous bookings made by the customer will be displayed under the Book History tab.


Customers - Maintain listsCustomers - new list

Under ‘Maintain Lists’ you can create and edit lists. Customers can then be subscribed to these lists for targeted marketing or organisational purposes.


Customers - mailing list manager

The Mailing List Manager allows you to view the subscribers to each list, or to compile new lists from detailed criteria. Click on search to open the search form.


Customers - mailing list manager search

Here you can filter your customers and export the resulting list to Excel, or print labels for correspondence.