Menu - Pricing

Under the pricing tab you will find pages that allow you to define your yearly price periods and specify prices for each unit. These can be exported or imported with Microsoft Excel. In addition, you can include insurance breaks, waivers, deposits and discounts that can be combined in any way you like to precisely match your current pricing structure, or to devise an entirely new one and have the system take care of calculations for you.

Pricing - Maintain price periods

Maintain Price Periods allows you to create and edit the price groups effective for each year. These groups are used to derive the booking fee due based on the periods for which the group applies.


Pricing - maintain prices

Maintain Prices allows you to specify prices for the price periods you have declared for each unit. For weekly boats the top box is the weekly price, the bottom box is the short-break price. For daily boats the top box is the weekday price, the bottom box is the weekend price.


Prices - deposits and waivers

Maintain Waivers, Deposits and Discounts allows you to create and edit the cancellation and personal insurance rates and the minimum deposit effective for each year. The amount represents the minimum hire charge for which the rates apply. i.e The first line amount should always be zero. If your cancellation insurance or personal insurance are a percentage of the hire charge, simply add a % sign to the values.


Pricing - maintain extras

Any extra charges can be added under Maintain Extras, these will be selectable when recording charges against a booking.