Automated Admin and Reports

Under the reports tab you will find a wide variety of reporting tools; prices per unit, balances or credit card payments outstanding, payments received, arrivals/departures, bookings, bookings per user, occupancy, available units and a whole host of accounting reports.


The system provides a full set of Arrivals and Departures reports enabling you to produce welcome packs for your customers.


Specify the dates you’re interested in and Print either the Arrivals report, as below:-


Or the Departures:-


Or the Turnaround:-


And for those of you operating boats we can implement it as Departure/Returns if that better suits your terminology.


Our Booking Software provides a full array of Accounting reports including:

Sales Report.

You can specify the sales date and even sales by holiday period:-


Shows the value of all sales made in a period, including all VAT. See below:-


You can choose to group by Element, e.g. Accommodation charge, extras etc. or by Booking ID, whichever suit and as with all the Accounts report you can choose to export the data to Excel.


If you need to track you VAT payments based upon when you received payment, then the allocation report takes all the work out of calculating your VAT by calculating the payments received against individual sales items.


You can drill down into any element on the report to see the detail that makes up that receipt:-


Advanced Tariff

Sometimes it’s useful to know how much cash you have on hand for Holidays not yet taken and the Advance Tariff report gives you that information.


Payments Received

As part of your daily tasks, the payments received report lets you look at what payments have been received in a defined period as the basis for reconciling your days banking. There’s also a reconcile feature which lets you tick off items and mark them as reconciled.



The system also provides:-

Bookings by Source: Analyze the effectiveness of your advertising by looking at what advertising source book most effectively.
Expired Provisionals: Report on all Provisional bookings which need chasing for Payment or Release.
Balances Outstanding: List all balances due.


Unit Reports: Including Utilisation, Available Unit, Printable Wall charts (see below).


Bookings Report: Detailed summaries of your booking performance, including Income, Averages, Duration Analysis.
Occupancy Report: Analyze your occupancy for any period and view simple charts comparing year on year performance at any point throughout the season:-