Menu - Units

This tab allows you to maintain your units; their descriptions, details, hire profiles and names (we can populate this for you as part of our set-up if you provide us with details). You can also define your own features (such as appliances, dual steering, complimentary towels etc.), which will appear as checkboxes that allow a customer to search for their ideal boat.

Units - maintain units

The maintain units screen allows you to inspect all your units at a glance. Click the New Unit button to add a new unit, or click on an existing unit to edit it.


Here you can enter all your unit details, including its hire profile and short break or day boat status. Any features you declare under ‘Maintain Features’ will be available as checkboxes here, and will allow online customers to refine their searches.


Units - maintain features

Under Maintain Features you can define the features of your boats, which will then be selectable when creating a new unit.