How do I clear the cache in Firefox

Occasionally we will release changes and you might not be able to see them. This is usually because your browser is trying to be helpful and is using a locally cached version of the file rather than fetching the shiny new one from our server.

To resolve it you need to clear your browser cache.

For Firefox users, this link should take you to the official Mozilla how to.

What does “prevent this page from creating additional dialogs” mean? What should I do now?

This is a browser thing to help users get rid of annoying sites.
Sometimes, on the system, if for example you’re reinstating cancelled bookings the system will prompt you with multiple dialogs and this message will appear. If you say “yes” then you won’t see pop-ups any more for the duration of that session, which isn’t necessarily a good thing!

If you’re not getting alerts any more then the following steps, should re-enable them for you:

Start Firefox, and type about:config in the url bar. Firefox will show the preferences screen. Please take care not to make changes at random.
Right click in the preferences area, and choose New > Integer from the popup menu.
In the dialog box that now appears, enter dom.successive_dialog_time_limit, followed by the value 0 (zero). Press OK.

When you return to the system the above message should no longer appear when opening the same dialog box more than once.

My documents are printing £ signs as little squares

It seems that some people are experiencing an issue where what look like very neat £ signs in the .pdf document are printing out as [] when sent to their printer.
There are lots of possibilities from out of date PDF readers to missing fonts on printers but the primary cause seems to be that Firefox still insists on using it’s built-in PDF Viewer every time it upgrades.
To fix the issue you need to reinstate a PDF viewer that also knows how to print.
To do this you need to Open the options dialog, you can do this via the menu at the top Tools->Options or with the keyboard short cut Alt + t then Alt + o.
This should open a small window as below:-
Select the Applications Tab and in the arrowed box type PDF. If your system shows “Preview in Firefox” as below, you need to click the arrow and select a plug-in option (We use Foxit Reader but you may well have Adobe Arcobat reader plugin as an option).
All being well, you should now have something like this.
Try re-printing your document and hopefully your £ signs will return.

What about my old data?

While this depends on the system you’re currently using, for most systems we’ll be able to import your old customer lists and booking history into our database with minimal fuss. We haven’t failed yet! Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

What about Hoseasons?

If you use Hoseasons, you can integrate with their system directly. You will have full access to availability and booking information through their P@artners system which in turn can update your system. Contact us for more information.

Is it possible to double book?

It’s impossible to double book. The moment you begin to make a booking, the unit is locked for that period. It will remain locked until you cancel the booking.

Will my agents be able to use the system?

Yes. We allow an unlimited number of users for every account, so it’s easy for you to give access to your agents. They can log in directly to set up bookings, but can only see the details of their bookings. Those you take yourself remain private. If you use Waterways Holidays or Holidays in the UK we can automatically update their system to keep you synchronised.

How do I copy my base prices?

Our system’s easy to use import and export functions makes it straightforward to transfer your pricing from one year to the next. Simply go to Maintain Price Periods on the Pricing menu, select the option to create a new year, then export the prices from a previous year and import it into a new one.

Do I have to pay for each user?

Holray Systems base our charges on the number of units you are operating, not the number of people using the system. You can have as many users as you like using the system from as many locations as you need at no extra charge.

Can I access the system from my phone/tablet?


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